Regenesis Neck Lift, Powered by Renuvion J-Plasma


Regenesis Neck Lift
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Enhance your appearance and look 10-15 years younger. The neck often gives away our age. Book your appointment today, Call Regenesis at (256) 715-8193.

Regenesis Neck Lift is our minimally invasive office procedure for those patients that need removal of a little extra fat in their neck and have tightening of the loose sagging skin of the neck. It Is often paired with our Regenesis Face Lift. Regenesis Neck Lift may be your alternative to an expensive, traumatic traditional neck lift surgery.

Regenesis Neck Lift begins with a gentle mini-liposuction under local anesthesia and oral sedation. Unwanted fat is reduced, and small tension sutures are strategically placed.

Regenesis Neck Lift then uses Renuvion, a gentle radiofrequency (RF) energy that converts helium, an inert gas, into a cold atmospheric J-Plasma. Helium is used because it can be converted to plasma with very little energy. The result is energy that's unique in its ability to provide tissue heating and cooling almost simultaneously. The neck is treated and tightened with cold J-plasma from within at the end of the procedure.

A compression garment is worn for three days then nightly for three weeks.

Regenesis Neck Lift offers a long-awaited alternative to more invasive procedure and provides dramatic results with lower risk and recovery time than more invasive surgery. Many patients just don't need or want the full surgical neck lift. Regenesis is for you.

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