Patient Testimonials

"A walker is a thing of the past for me! The pain in my hip had caused an uneven gait and forced me to use a walker daily. I have a heart condition so I was not a candidate for general anesthesia so it seemed that I didn't have a choice but to succumb to a life of pain and decreased mobility. Regenesis has given me quality of life again! I am able to enjoy outings with my family walking on my own and without the fogginess of narcotics. Thank you Dr. Lee! -Susan, Age 69"

Susan, Stem Cell Patient

"I had been dealing with knee pain for at least 4 years. I had been given steroid shots, lubrication shots and then ultimately pain pills. I knew I didn't want to have an invasive surgery to replace my knee. I'm so glad that I found Dr. Lee. I am now 2 years out from my stem cell therapy and have returned to playing tennis and golf pain free! -Ron, Age 63"

Ron, Stem Cell Patient

"I have had unwanted hair since puberty. I haven't truly felt like a woman because of it. Years ago I had a hair removal procedure done with another company/location. That was a horrible experience. I ended up with 2nd degree burns all over my face which was more embarrassing than what I began with. It took a very long time for my skin to heal. Since then, I've been nervous to have anyone work on this again. My husband found the "Regenesis" website and was comfortable with me trying it again with this company. I had one of the treatments of a procedure done almost two weeks ago. I have had a tremendous turnout. I don't have the unsightly stubble. I have smooth skin now. Before this, I would never allow my husband to touch my face. Last week was the first time in over 12 years. I still have a few more treatments remaining, but after the first treatment, I can tell that this is truly going to work. I now feel more like a woman now. I've told my family members about it. I want them to be able to have this wonderful experience and feel more feminine too. Thank you, Regenesis (Dr. Lee, Olivia, and staff)."

Lacretia C. - Laser Hair Removal Patient

"Thank you Regenesis, for giving me back a healthy lifestyle. The program has provided me with the tools to guide me daily on a healthy journey. I have lost weight and most importantly have a new energy level that makes me feel wonderful. Thank you!!!"

HCG Patient

"My weight loss journey has truly been a rollercoaster. I have tried dieting, working out, body contouring and firming treatment with little to no results. Through Facebook, I noticed a colleague had lost a significant amount of weight and contributed it to Regenesis's Ideal Protein program. So, I gave it a try with my current weight at 167 lbs. being overweight for my height. I can attest that this program DOES work and WILL help you lose that stubborn weight. I have lost 20 lbs. in a little over a month!"

Ideal Protein Patient

"I wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for literally, SAVING MY LIFE! It sounds a tad bit over-dramatic, but it is totally TRUE!!! Anyone who knows me knows me as fun, outgoing, social, talkative person and friend to everyone. However, when you are not quite feeling "like yourself," you start to see "yourself" leaving and another person, you no longer recognize in the mirror, taking her place. I had a partial hysterectomy back in 2013 and constantly had HORMONAL issues and pain. I was crippled with UTI pain and bladder pressure and an intimate relationship with my husband was painful and became a source of dread. I KNEW I would be in excruciating pain for weeks to follow and the intimacy that made me who I was - was gone!! Thankfully, I have an AWESOME and UNDERSTANDING man - but it still didn't replace or calm my anxiety, worry and pain. I longed for the person I ONCE WAS and after going to my OBGYN to no avail and then referred to my urologist, only to hear that everything is completely NORMAL - I really had resolved myself to a midlife of anxiety, sadness and isolation. It was a very dark place and a very dark time with raging hormones and feelings that I couldn't even put into words. Then, I heard the commercial for Dr. Charles Lee on my radio at work. I thought what do I have to lose? I am already miserable! I had tried Estrace cream, taking daily antibiotics, cranberry tablets and Mannose powder. I had really reached my limit of pain and depression until I tried the HORMONE pellets that were based on my own blood work numbers. I cannot THANK YOU enough!!! Dr. Lee and his staff, especially Olivia, are WONDERFUL! It truly did SAVE MY LIFE and I am back to myself. My relationship with my husband is better than ever and I cannot be more grateful that I was led to Dr. Lee. It is worth every penny! Sincerely, M. Webb"

M. Webb, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Patient

"I have battled a very long time with my weight. Honestly, I cannot remember a time that I have not been trying to lose weight and I am 38 years old currently. I have tried everything one can think of to lose my extra pounds. When the fad diets did work, I would soon put the weight back on with a couple more pounds after stopping the diet. The biggest problem I encountered has been hitting "the plateau" and not being able to break through no matter what I did. My mom found Dr. Lee & his AMAZING staff at Regenesis, who was bringing Ideal Protein to Huntsville and he knows that this program truly works. It is so easy to follow and the food actually tastes really good. My 14-year-old son even likes the food! (Although, I do not recommend allowing a teenage boy near it because when you turn around, the entire box will be gone. LOL) There are even foods I can take camping with me. I was worried that me being an active volunteer with a local Boy Scout Troop and camping many weekends was going to make it next to impossible to follow the Ideal Protein diet on these weekends. Guess what! - I was still able to follow the diet for the most part! Yes, I modified it just a bit due to the fact I was hiking all over the camp and expending a lot more energy than I normally was, but I did not go totally off book as I just added an extra Ideal Protein snack to my day and ate a tad larger portion of protein & veggies at lunch and dinner (ok, and a roll too). Which brings me to, probably, my favorite part of Ideal Protein, it incorporates real life food from the beginning, but you are not counting calories, carbs or sugars. I really love that because as a single mom, daughter, great niece, assistant Scout Master, full time employee and a young social adult, I simply do not have the time to measure all my food out for every meal. Yes, with this diet you stay away from carbs and sugars, I promise it is not as hard as you might think. Especially, since Ideal Protein has foods that will satisfy the sweet tooth and salty cravings. Dr. Lee's office has been so encouraging every step of the way. Oh and another VERY IMPORTANT tidbit . . . EVERYONE ON STAFF AT REGENESIS listens and really hears what you are telling them. They believe that I am able to do what I set out to do and when I am excited about dropping down to the next size pair of jeans, they are excited too. Losing weight is not easy and never should be. It is going to take a lot of hard work and a mindful effort, but with Regenesis on my side, I know I can reach my goal. I've already lost 30 pounds under their supervision."

T. Myers-Craven, Weight Loss Patient

"In January 2015 I started yet another weight loss journey. I was dedicated to this plan. I joined a gym, cleaned up my diet and diligently participated in becoming healthy and thin. Everything was looking great as I lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks, but then I hit a wall. I continued to eat and exercise thinking I needed to stay the course to bust through the plateau. However, that never happened and in August, 8 months after I started, I was still only 10 pounds down. After this failure, I decided I needed to do something extreme to be successful. So, I made an appointment with a surgeon for bariatric surgery. I felt surgery was my only hope and alternative to success. But then I was introduced to Dr. Lee and my world changed drastically for the better! I was introduced to Dr. Lee on September 28th during an initial consultation to discuss lab results and my goals for weight loss. Dr. Lee was knowledgeable and understanding. He discussed my lab results and explained, in detail, what was going on with me and what I could do to improve my body and return to a healthy status. And it was not all about losing weight, as there are many factors to the process. He was genuinely interested in me, and my goals. He took the time to answer all of my questions and he never responded with "pat" answers I had become accustomed to receiving regarding my weight loss attempts. After meeting with Dr. Lee, I had a sense of calm. I knew I had finally found a physician who was going to help me without judgment. Dr. Lee discussed several options and together we made a plan. Since our first meeting, my life continues improving daily. I learn something from Dr. Lee every time we meet. He is encouraging and supportive. Through Dr. Lee's guidance I have lost twenty pounds and 5 dress sizes in less than 6 weeks. I feel better than I have in years! My lifestyle has become healthy without extreme diets or exercise. Everything is doable. I can honestly state that Dr. Lee is an exceptional physician. His knowledge and compassion are above reproach and Dr. Lee is sincerely interested in improving lives. Following his plan has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. My life has improved exponentially in all areas....I sleep better, feel better, look better and am achieving my goals of weight loss. Dr. Lee's staff at Regenesis is an elite group who is supportive, caring and dedicated to my success. I am so thankful to have them working with me. Without Dr. Lee and his team I would still be the same tired, frustrated and defeated person. Thank you for helping me change my life and improving my health so that I can enjoy many healthy years to come. Because of Dr. Lee and his staff, I am finally becoming the person I always wanted to, energetic and healthy! Who knew I could feel this wonderful.....Dr. Lee did!"

L. Munson, Weight Loss Patient

"I had surgery two years ago for a torn meniscus. After that I was still in pain. I began having cortisone shots every few months that helped for a little while. During the process, I tore my meniscus in the other knee. I was then having pain in both knees. Last May I fell in my home and injured my rotator cuff. My orthopedic doctor said all that could be done for that injury was a shoulder replacement. I was in the process of making arrangements for a knee replacement when I heard about stem cell injections. I told my orthopedic doctor that I might consider that procedure. He recommended that I see Dr. Charles Lee, here in Huntsville, Alabama for information. I went to see Dr. Lee, who went into detail to explain how the stem cell injections worked. After much thought, I decided to risk the injections. Even though I knew it was a possibility that it may not work for me. I was in Dr. Lee's office for eight hours. During that time he harvested my stem cells and combined the cells with some of my blood platelets and injected that into both of my knees and my shoulder. That was four days ago and I am without pain. I can walk up and down steps comfortably. I can also use my arm in any position without pain. Huntsville and Alabama should be grateful for Dr. Charles Lee for his expertise in new technology."

C. Norris, Stem Cell Patient

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