Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, Vitamins and Minerals


Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, Vitamins and Minerals
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Regenesis is committed to providing its patients with biological therapies that protect against chronic diseases, control symptoms of aging and provide the basic dietary and nutritional necessities that promote overall good health and wellness. With nutrition at the heart of every Regenesis anti-aging plan, Dr. Charles Lee follows the belief of Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine, who said, "Let food be your medicine."

Commitment to Only Quality Products

Dr. Lee is committed to a line of quality products called "nutraceuticals" that are derived from food sources but also have additional health benefits commonly found in pharmaceutical (medical) products. These products have active physiological components properly isolated or purified from foods or herbs that have, for centuries, provided protection against chronic disease.

Chinese herbalism calls these nutraceuticals "botanicals" because they are derived primarily from plants and plant parts known for their medicinal qualities, many of which are the main source for today's pharmaceutical drugs.

Stay Away from OTC Vitamins & Supplements

Most nutraceuticals, which include vitamins and supplements, are available over-the-counter (OTC) in pharmacies, grocery stores and drug stores across the country but Dr. Lee warns against wasting your money on them.

"These products are unregulated and made from the cheapest available bulk plants," he explains. "They may be ground up in their entirety, including useless stems and roots and then based on weight, not isolated active ingredients, put into a capsule. Many of them may be contaminated with pesticides and some, like fish oils, have been found to have large amounts of heavy metals that do more harm than good."

This "standardization by weight" of the ingredients disregards from where the plants are harvested, what part of the plant is used, how it is processed and the quantity and quality of the active ingredients.

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