Madarosis is a medical term for the loss of either or both the eyelashes and the eyebrows, especially in women. For years, women have sought longer, thicker and darker lashes, so much so that even young women have been willing to tediously glue them on lash by lash. This over-the-counter solution found in the cosmetics aisle can actually breaks off existing lashes and quicken the natural loss of eyelashes.

Until recently, the only solution to the problem was the application of costly, inconvenient and sometimes dangerous eyelash extensions, but now Regenesis offers an FDA approved prescription product called Latisse, designed to regrow more visible, longer lashes.


Latisse is a self-applied liquid medication delivered as an at-home, 16-week program that addresses the problems of short, thinning, or light-colored, non-visible eyelashes. Applied gently to the top eyelid using a sterile application pad, Latisse has produced amazing results with little if any side effects.

An increase in eyelash length is noticeable in about 4 weeks. By week 8, users will notice a significant fullness and darkness in addition to the length. Between week 12 and 16, users will see the full, dramatic Latisse results!

Latisse requires a prescription from Dr. Charles Lee. Call today for a consultation to make sure Latisse for eyelash growth is right for you!

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