Laser Hair Removal

Hair can be a blessing to those who are losing it, but a curse to those who have too much of it! Fortunately, Regenesis has treatments for both thinning hair (See our PRP treatments for Hair Restoration), and laser hair removal treatments for men and women with unwanted hair growth.

Known as hypertrichosis in men and hirsutism in women, the excessive growth of hair beyond the appropriate age, sex and race is damaging to self-esteem and confidence; but for some people, the "no-hair look" is a preference, especially in regards to the legs, underarms and privates.

For years, women of all ages have been tweezing the soft "mustache" hair across the upper lip. For women with dark hair, this can be especially unsightly, not to mention tedious, frequent and painful. Approximately 30 percent of women report unwanted facial hair on the jawline, chin and sides of the face. It gets more prevalent after menopause, usually caused by the loss of estrogen and an imbalance in male hormones.

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures available!

Many med spas attempt hair reduction with Intense Pulsed Light treatments that they call "laser," but that are only appropriate for very light skin types. Furthermore, the treatments are extremely painful and frankly, inadequate!

Regenesis' permanent laser hair reduction treatments are performed periodically using true lasers. When hair does regrow, it does so much slower, and is less dense and significantly thinner. Dr. Lee usually recommends five treatment sessions progressing from 4 to 6 weeks apart. After that, maintenance treatments are much more infrequent. The estimated hair reduction in quality and quantity for normal skin types is between 74 and 78 percent!

The 755 nm Alexandrite Laser

Dr. Charles Lee uses the 755 nm Alexandrite laser equipped with a cooling device for light skin. It targets hair follicles, emitting powerful laser waves that essentially eliminate them at their source! Pain is minimal and the treatments are quick, usually producing mild folliculitis and redness. It is used to remove hair from the arms, legs, chest, abdomen, underarms, pelvic area (bikini line or Brazilian), back and face.

The 1064 Nd: YAG Long Pulse

Dr. Lee uses the YAG laser, which also has a cooling device for permanent hair reduction in patients with darker skin types. Here, the margin of safety is very high, with comparable results. Likewise, the procedure is quick, tolerable and maintains similar treatment protocols.

Longer hair on the chest, abdomen and back may require trimming prior to the treatment. Regenesis also requires eye protection due to the use of a laser, and in treating more tender areas of the body, numbing cream may be applied. Pain is minimal, often compared to a sunburn; and after the treatment, the patient may experience some degree of redness and irritation that will quickly subside.

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