Body Composition Analysis

A Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is one of the most telling aspects of a person's overall health. Accuracy in the measurement is vital to Dr. Charles Lee's ability to precisely customize a long term plan of health and wellness. By replacing the outdated standard Body Mass Index (BMI) and Skin Fold Caliper tests, both of which only estimate body composition, with the Seca mBCA 514 medical-grade Body Composition Analyzer, Regenesis is using the most technologically advanced means for measuring body composition quickly, safely and accurately.

The human body is made up of water, fat and minerals. The percentage of body fat to the percentage of lean mass is the most critical in customizing a diet and nutrition plan, as well as an exercise program that will help maintain a physically fit condition for the invidual's age. According to Dr. Lee, standard BMI is not accurate in determining the actual amount of fat, muscle, water, bone, etc., because muscle weighs more than fat.

The Seca mBCA provides a non-invasive analysis that uses a complicated set and array of Bioelectrical Impedance for its calculations that break down weight into medically relevant body compartments:

  • Fat Mass to Fat-Free Mass, which is valuable in managing diabetes, weight, and nutrition
  • Visceral Fat (VAT) that causes a higher risk for cardiometabolic illnesses
  • Body Water (extracellular and intracellular) (TBW/ECW) that shows the internal distribution of fluids throughout the body to prevent dehydration and maximize physical performance
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM), which shows individual values for each of the patient's extremities and torso in order to help Dr. Lee devise a plan that preserves as much muscle mass as possible while reducing weight                                                                                                                                                 

Processed by six analytical modules, the mBCA's resulting measurements are presented in an easy-to-understand Body Composition Chart (BCC) making it the scientific gold standard not just for Dr. Lee to interpret and pre-diagnosis many diseases like obesity, diabetes, and malnutrition, but to show and explain those results to patients.

MBCA also provides a Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA) that measures the amount of body fluids in the body so Dr. Lee can evaluate hydration status; and a Phase Angle (PA) that correlates with the patient's nutritional and metabolic status. (Read more about Regenesis' Metabolic Testing)

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