Anti-Aging Overview

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Anti-Aging Overview
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Anti-aging medicine does not claim to have uncovered the legendary Fountain of Youth, or to have created an elusive elixir that magically reverts you back to your early twenties with its many unintended consequences. What anti-aging technology has discovered, however, is much better! It is better because it's real, it's quite natural and most of all, it works!

As we grow older, chronological age means something much different in healthy people than it does in others. Healthy people hear, "Wow, you look great for 40 (50, 60, etc.)!" and "I had no idea you were that old!" or "What is your secret to looking and staying so young?"

Dr. Charles Lee's anti-aging program is based on the latest scientific research, advances in biotechnology, and clinically proven preventive medicine. It takes an integrative approach to aging that manages the natural conditions associated with maturity and attempts to prevent the age-related diseases that speed up the process on the molecular and cellular level.

By performing a series of preventive screenings and early disease detection techniques, followed by prompt intervention including optimal nutrition, Dr. Lee can help anyone fight and slow down age-related disease and dysfunction.

Regenesis Treats the Underlying Conditions

Anti-aging medicine deals with the actual physiological and biochemical causes for diseases and age-related disorders. By finding and treating the cause of disease at its root, rather than simply prescribing medication that masks the symptoms, people not only recover from ailments, aches, and pains, they reverse most of the effects and prevent their return.

Optimize, Maintain, Reduce and Prevent

At Regenesis, we focus on optimizing health, maintaining wellness, reducing known risk factors, and preventing diseases through pre-emptive testing, age-appropriate exercise, improvements in nutrition and positive adjustments to your lifestyle.

Dr. Lee's treatment protocol is aimed at minimizing the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stroke, cerebrovascular disorders, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

If weight gain, hormonal imbalances and a lack of proper nutrition and exercise are causing you to feel older than your years, check out these components of Dr. Lee's anti-aging program. Make an appointment with Dr. Lee today to discuss a long-term personalized plan for slowing down these age-related problems!

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